Photovoltaic water pump frequency conversion solution

Photovoltaic water pump frequency conversion solution

Photovoltaic water pump system, the use of lasting energy from the sun, sunrise and sunset, no need for personnel care, no need of fossil energy, no need of comprehensive power grid, independent operation, safe and reliable. It can be used with drip irrigation, sprinkling irrigation, seepage irrigation and other irrigation facilities to effectively solve the problem of farmland irrigation, improve output, save water and energy, and substantially reduce the input cost of traditional energy and electricity. As an emerging economic model integrating photovoltaic industry with traditional industries such as agricultural water conservancy, desert management, domestic water use and urban water landscape, it is a new energy and new technology application product of integrated system solution of global "food problem" and "energy problem".

The traditional photovoltaic water pump drive control system has the following shortcomings

1. The output speed cannot be adjusted dynamically according to the sunlight, and the voltage of photovoltaic panels can be pulled down. As a result, the current of photovoltaic water pump driving control system is too large, which is easy to report fault.

2. The application control of photovoltaic water pump is not perfect, such as light-weak dormancy, light-intensity call _, high-water level dormancy, under-load warning and other control and protection functions.

3. The switching control of photovoltaic power supply and municipal power grid is complex. At night, without PV input, the pump will stop working. Some projects require the pump to be in working condition at all times;

4. Remote control is not supported, so it is impossible to monitor the running state of the machine through mobile application or website, and control the system to start or stop working.