Variable frequency solution for constant pressure water supply industry

Variable frequency solution for constant pressure water supply industry

Constant pressure water supply means that the outlet pressure remains unchanged when the water consumption in the water supply network changes. The outlet pressure of water supply network is determined according to the user's demand. The traditional way of constant pressure water supply is realized by water tower, high water tank, air tank and other facilities. With the increasing maturity and wide application of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, the organic combination of inverter, PID regulator, single chip microcomputer, PLC and other devices is used to form the control system, adjust the output flow of the water pump, and realize the constant pressure water supply. The technology is widely used in the water supply industry. Main features of variable frequency constant pressure water supply system:

1. Energy saving, 20% to 40% electricity saving, and green electricity consumption.

2. Small floor area, low investment and high efficiency.

3. Flexible configuration, high degree of automation, complete functions, flexible and reliable.

4. reasonable operation, because it is soft start and stop, not only can eliminate the water hammer effect, and the motor shaft average torque and wear down, reduce the maintenance amount and maintenance costs, and the life of the pump greatly improved.

5. because the variable frequency constant pressure speed regulation directly from the source of water supply, reduce the original water supply way of secondary pollution, to prevent the source of many infectious diseases.

6. through communication control, can achieve unattended, saving manpower and material resources.