• Booster Module

Booster Module

In solar pump system, if the pump power is small, only a few solar panels are needed to drive the water pump. However, the voltage of several solar panels cannot meet the voltage of the water pump inverter, resulting in the need for more solar panels. In this case, the energy of the solar panel is wasted and the cost of the entire system is increased. In the end, the solar pump system low-voltage starting device (LV60-90) and (LV40-70) have been developed, which can convert low-voltage DC into high-voltage DC to meet the starting voltage of the solar pump inverter, while avoiding the danger of high-voltage DC of solar modules.

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Model and Terminal Description of Booster Power Module


Low voltage

40-70 or 60-90

Minimum and maximum operating voltage


220v inverter


380v inverter

Model and Terminal Description1

Model and Terminal Description2

For example: the pump is 0.75kw 1AC 220V, solar panel power is 250w and open circuit voltage is 30v, the single phase inverter suggested open circuit voltage range is 350-400V DC.

Power : 0.75*1.5=1.125kw =1125w

                    1125/250 =4.5 (pcs)

Voltage: 350/30v = 12(pcs)

                    400/30v = 13(pcs)

The solar system is both power and voltage, from this case

Power: it needs 4 pcs, 2 in series by 2 parallels.

Voltage: voltage>power, the function of the booster unit is to increase the voltage. Because the 220v boost unit is selected as LV 40-70, 2pcs in series (60V) can be added, with a 6 times boost unit, the final voltage is 360V, within the suggested open circuit voltage range.

Finally, the system needs 4pcs panels in total, 2 in series by 2 parallels, with a 6 times booster unit.

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