• Energy Feedback Unit

Energy Feedback Unit

The energy feedback feeds the regenerative electric energy generated in the process of motor speed regulation to the power grid, avoiding the energy loss caused by the resistance heating of the conventional energy-consuming braking unit, thereby achieving a considerable energy-saving effect, and also realizing wind power and solar energy. Waiting for grid-connected power generation.

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Features of Energy Feedback Unit

  1. Energy-efficient,, 97% of renewable energy is fed back to the grid;

  2. More comprehensive inverter module protection;

  3. The heat loss is less than 3%, which greatly improves the working environment;

  4. Safe and reliable, the equipment has full fault protection;

  5. Full-range noise filtering, self-contained reactor, can be directly connected to the grid;

  6. Will not cause interference to the power grid and surrounding electrical equipment;

  7. The inverter is operated in four quadrants, and the power saving rate is 20~50%;

  8. Strong environmental adaptability, -40 ° C (plus temperature control loop), 70 ℃ environment can operate normally; energy feedback is widely used in dynamometers, mine winches, belt conveyors, port lifts, centrifugal equipment, etc.;

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