• KE300A-XX-T6 (690V) Medium Series Voltage Inverter

KE300A-XX-T6 (690V) Medium Series Voltage Inverter

KE300A medium voltage series inverter is a special product designed for special voltage grade motor load in mining, petroleum and other industries;

Advanced tri-level hardware topology and AFE rectification technology for superior motor drive performance and affinity to the grid; The new modular design effectively adapts to the special needs of mine explosion-proof equipment and is widely used in mining equipment such as belt conveyors, hoists, winches, monkey cars, and emulsion pumps.

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Features of KE300A-XX-T6 (690V) Medium Series Voltage Inverter

  • Leading three-level topology

  • Output waveform is more sinusoidal

  • Output voltage change rate is significantly reduced

Technical Specifications of KE300A-XX-T6 (690V) Medium Series Voltage Inverter

Product type


Function description



Rated input voltage (V)

AC 3PH 970V~1310V

Rated input frequency

50Hz/60Hz, permissible range 47~63Hz

Rated input efficiency (%)

Above 98%

Rated input power factor (%)

Above 0.85


Rated output voltage (V)

0~input voltage

Output frequency


Operation control characteristics

Control mode

V/F(has V/F separation function), open loop vector, closed loop vector

Motor parameter autotuning

Support static motor autotuning and rotary autotuning

Speed regulation range

Closed loop vector: 1:1000;  open loop vector: 1:100

Speed control precision

Closed loop vector: ±0.1% max speed; open loop vector: ±0.5% max speed

Speed fluctuation

±0.3%(open loop vector control); ±0.1%(closed loop vector control)

Torque control precision

10%(open loop vector control); 5%(closed loop vector control)

Starting torque

0.5Hz 150% (open loop vector control); zero frequency  180% (closed loop vector control)

Overload capacity

60s for 150% of rated current, 10s for 180% of rated current, 1s for 200% of rated current

Important function

Master/slave control, multi-step speed running, simple PLC, multiple ACC/DEC time switching, S curve ACC/DEC, fan rotation control, energy-saving operation, PID adjustment, MODBUS communication, droop control, torque control, torque and speed control mode switching, etc.

Protection function

Motor overheat protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, input phase loss protection, output phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, overvoltage stall protection, overcurrent stall protection, short circuit protection, etc.

Peripheral interface


Two(AI1、AI2)0~10V/0~20mA, one(AI3)-10~10V


Two(AO1、AO2)-10~10V /-20~20mA


Six digital inputs are included in standard configuration


One open collector output is included in standard configuration

Two relay outputs are included in standard configuration, contact capacity: 3A/AC250V,1A/DC30V

Communication mode

485 communication(MODBUS protocol) is included in standard configuration, optional CAN, optical fiber, Profibus-DP



LCD display is included in standard configuration, compatible with LED keypad

Ambient temp

10℃~+40℃, derate if the ambient temp is above 40℃



Storage temp



Below 1000m, derate if the elevation is above 1000m, derate by 1% for every additional 100m

Protection level


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