• KE300P-01 Switching Module

KE300P-01 Switching Module

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Model description & Specifications of KE300P-01 Switching Module

KE30OP-01 Switching Module

Product seriesProduct seriesKE300P-01 series AC/DC switching module
Rated currentAdapt the inverter power range055A—adapting 15kW and below
110A-adapting 18.5~37kW inverter
200A—adapting 45~110kW inverter
Voltage levelVoltage levelT4:AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440(+10%)
T2:AC 3PH 220V(-15%)~240(+10%)

Switching module terminal description

Terminal symbolTerminal nameTerminal function description
PV +Solar input (+)Voltage detection board input, diode module positive, connected to PV input positive
PV -Solar input (-)Voltage detection board input, connected to the PV input negative
(+)Switching module outputThe diode module negative, connected to the inverter (+)
AI1、GNDVoltage detection signalAnalog signal, detect PV voltage, connect to inverter AI1, GND terminal

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