• KE300T Series Electro Hydraulic Servo Inverter

KE300T Series Electro Hydraulic Servo Inverter

KE300T electro-hydraulic servo system is developed by MICNO based on intensive studying on the process flow of injection machine. It features high-performance vector control to realize high efficiency and energy-saving purpose; The ultrastability and durability of environmental performance help to achieve the perfect combination of the machine and environment… 

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Features of KE300T Series Electro Hydraulic Servo Inverter

  • Simple gain adjustment and gain switching function; support four groups of gain setup.

  • Abundant communication interface, support bus communication protocols.

  • Comprehensive product lines and abundant power bands covering 4.4kW~75kW to satisfy the demands of small vertical injection machine, injection machine, die-casting machine, hydraulic machine, aluminum extruder, plate shearing and bending machine.

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