• MDB Series Brake Unit

MDB Series Brake Unit

The MDB brake unit series uses advanced power control technology to develop high-performance brake products in combination with a new generation of IGBT power devices.


The product can release the electric energy generated by the motor during the braking process through the power resistor (brake resistor) to generate sufficient braking torque to ensure the normal operation of the inverter and other equipment.

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Features of MDB Series Brake Unit

  1. The MDC series brake unit is used in the inverter to transfer the regenerative energy generated by the motor to the brake resistor for release. When a motor brakes, the regenerative energy generated during the braking phase will be fed back to the higher-level inverter device, which will cause the DC bus voltage of the device to rise, affecting the safety and normal operation of the device.

  2. The MDC brake unit is connected in parallel to the DC bus of the inverter. The bus voltage is limited to an acceptable level and the brake regenerative energy is transferred to the external braking resistor. 

    The braking resistor releases the brake energy in the form of thermal energy.

  3. The brake unit is connected directly to the frequency converter or inverter via the DC link terminals. When the DC bus voltage reaches a predetermined limit, the brake unit is automatically turned on to prevent the DC bus voltage from continuing to increase. The operation of the brake unit is independent of the frequency converter or inverter.

  4. The brake unit electronics are powered by the DC bus voltage.

  5. In order to increase the braking power, the brake units can be connected in parallel.

  6. The MDC brake unit is available in 100A and 200A specifications. The product voltage rating covers both 220V and 380V voltage levels.

Technical Specifications of MDB Series Brake Unit

Rated Output

Maximum discharge current


   Rated discharge current

30A (continuous; MDB-100-4); 60A (continuous; MDB-200-4)

       Brake starting voltage

380~460VDC (5 files optional)

Hysteresis voltage

About 16V

Power Supply

DC supply voltage


Protection Features

Radiator overheat protection

Protected by thermistor

Display during charging

The main circuit DC voltage reaches about 50V. The charging indicator (CHARGE) lights up


Ambient  temperature

-10℃~40℃, derated 4% when the temperature rise by every 1℃(40℃~50℃)


90%RH or less (non-condensing)


≤1000M: output rated power, >1000M: output derated

Storage temperature


Storage environment

Indoor, no direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, steam, dripping, salt, vibration

IP protection level


Selection Table of MDB Series Brake Unit

MDB Series Brake Unit model selection.jpg

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