• MSS1000 Series Digital Intelligent Soft Starter

MSS1000 Series Digital Intelligent Soft Starter

Low-voltage three-phase AC: 380V (-20%, +15%), 50Hz applies

Motor: general squirrel cage asynchronous motor

Protection level:Ip00

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Features of MSS1000 Series Digital Intelligent Soft Starter

  1. starting method::①Voltage ramp start     ②Current limiting start     ③Jog

  2. No phase sequence requirement for input power

  3. All parameters are adjustable

  4. During the starting process, it has multiple protection functions: overcurrent, phase loss, start timeout, etc.

  5. Has a soft parking function

  6. Variable rated power control to match different specifications of the motor to ensure starting effect and accurate fault diagnosis

  7. Unique anti-"stolen stop" and "stealing" technology: CPU "running" will not terminate the operation of the motor

  8. True phase failure protection: no phase loss

  9. User parameters are stored in FLASH and never lost

  10. The panel display is intuitive and the human-machine interface is excellent

  11. True rms current sampling and display to ensure the accuracy of various control functions

  12. High reliability, high stability, high integration of hardware and software design, strong anti-electromagnetic interference.

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